Gold coast

Education &

DComm is community first and core to that is our developers. The Gold Coast TestNet is a dedicated education and enablement foundation. 

With the Gold Coast TestNet developers can:

  • Learn and develop new talents and extend their skills into blockchain
  • Have priority access to a network that includes “the fastest api’s on the planet”, through our co-founding team at Zeeve
  • Become certified, gain accreditation and obtain dNFTs (dynamic NFTs)
  • Evolve to become community leaders and lead the way for the development of decentralised applications and protocols – putting the Real into real-world assets
  • Have access to exclusive grants, partnerships and “level up” 


As a final preparation for MainNet we updated:
• Security
• Validator Requirements
• Node Infrastructure

In the days prior to decommissioning Melbourne and upgrading to Gold Coast, we undertook several extreme testing conditions. As a result of those tests, we were able to advance our security, inherent decentralisation, and node architecture. An elastic node architecture-ready platform is now in place.

& deployment

Critically, and through vast experience the DComm team drew the conclusion that to really push the boundaries of technology, we needed implement a deployment process that could cater for it. Rigorous, planned, agile and thorough.

Why is this important?

  • Gold Coast is the core filter for new technology testing
  • Allow developers and teams to run “fire drills” on real data, without consequences to investors
  • Rapid deployment and agile development methodology will accelerate growth
  • Thoroughly test all scenarios prior to deployment into MainNet


Going to all the effort to deploy a pre-prod system would be short-sighted if we didn’t use it. Gold Coast is a replica of process and implementation for the big day.


The team will deploy Gold Coast and achieve these goals:

  • Mobile wallet readiness
  • Tokenomics assessment
  • Genesis creation
  • API quality and speeds
  • Beacon nodes and core nodes reactivity
  • Stability and predictability


By implementing this forward-thinking approach, we effectively are securing our future, our community future. The design of TestNet for rapid advancement of technology creates an environment where teams can, for little to no cost at all, qualify and quantify their protocols and dApps.



Collaboration, integration, enhancements, team, advancements, deployment, and success is what the Gold Coast is all about. We are tremendously excited at what this solid architecture can achieve.