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Previous Investments

Our platform has already facilitated over $15 million in investments, showcasing the trust and confidence our users have in us.

Active Nodes

With more than 1200 active nodes, we’ve built a robust and secure network to support our growing community.

Satisfied Users

Our user base of over 15,000 satisfied investors and entrepreneurs is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional service and support.

Successful Projects

To date, we have successfully funded and launched seven groundbreaking projects in the crypto space.

Why We are Raising Funds

Feature Development

We aim to create new features and tools that empower our users to make informed decisions and manage their investments with ease.


Enhanced Security

By bolstering our security and compliance measures, we can ensure that our platform remains safe and reliable for our users.

Scaling Operations

As the demand for our platform grows, we’re committed to expanding our operations to accommodate the needs of our growing community.

Innovation Support

We believe in fostering innovation in the crypto space by providing financial and strategic support to new projects and startups.

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