Community Embedded Network

Published on
September 27, 2022


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The initial renewable energy project being undertaken by DComm Energy is the development of a number of Community Embedded Networks (CEN) in regional areas of Western Australia.

A list of 9 target sites in WA has been created, with 3 of those sites currently under contract with development approvals underway.

What is a Community Embedded Network (CEN)?

A CEN is a microgrid, providing renewable energy via Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) and Battery Storage with a Diesel Generator backup. This microgrid will help power a modular data centre as well as connecting straight into the grid via a 1 Mega Volt Ampere connection.

What is the basic configuration of a CEN?

Outline of basic configuration of a CEN project.

Each CEN has the following basic configuration:

  • 1.2 Megawatts (MW) and 2ha of Solar PV
  • 5 Megawatt House (MWh) battery storage
  • Situated on minimum of 5ha of land
  • 1MVA grid connection
  • Modular data centre
  • 1.2MVA backup diesel generator

What are the benefits of a CEN?

When complete, the CEN will help to stabilise the grid for the regional communities in which it’s located.

In addition, the development of the CEN will increase the sustainability of the DComm blockchain by powering the data centres that host the nodes.

Energy generated by these renewable energy sites will also generate carbon credits for the business.

How will the CEN generate revenue?

What does it cost to build a CEN?

Each of the CENs will have a cost of AUD $6-8m to establish.

The development of the first 3 CENs will be funded by DComm and our strategic partners. In the future, we will open this up to the community to own via an Energy NFT to share the ongoing rewards.

Project Timeline

Month 1
Month 1

Site Acquisition

Month 2
Month 2

Basic power plant design

Month 4
Month 4

Western Power enquiry application

Month 7
Month 7

Detailed power plant design

Month 8
Month 8

Planning application with Local Government

Month 9
Month 9

Finalisation of connection agreement