Why DComm?

Published on
November 18, 2022


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🤝 Values

Absolutely nothing of substance can be created without Values, which to be clear is defined as “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”

🎯 This isn’t a game

Everyone in DComm is an expert in their respective fields. In fact, the very reason we have progressed at such an extraordinary pace is because this is not our first dance. Referencing the modern era leaders, who in some cases have no business experience, and as a result make catastrophic choices that cripple investors: DComm is exactly none of those things.

⚙️ Innovation

From the outset our Team conceptualised our vision, which is: Real-World Asset Tokenization, optimised for DeFi.

⚠️ Why DComm then?

Four keys to the kingdom are in place

  1. The Blockchain platform born, re-engineered and purposely re-designed to be able to handle complex, vastly different transactions, en masse. The exact kind of transactions that will exist at this point of intersection.
  2. An accessibility layer of core components, created to accomplish incredible specific goals
    👉🏻 Increase adoption at scale
    👉🏻 Dramatically reduce both costs and time to deploy
    👉🏻 Deploy an incredibly tight set of security protocols to exists nearly in line with the platform.
    👉🏻 Using well established programming and development principles, proven to be successful.
  3. Providing the “wall breaking hammer” to bring a genuine community into a previously exclusive world of being able to own, manage and direct ones asset portfolio, seamlessly, efficiently and fully decentralised.
  4. An entire Infrastructure business, to showcase, demonstrate and ultimately reward — because above all we believe in putting our money right where our mouth is.

👔 So, why us?

Well, if your cup of tea is a highly motivated, extensively experienced group of no BS taking experts who literally created a business for the community and not just themselves, well then I just happen to know a guy, and girl, or two.