Purpose and Intent

Published on
October 14, 2022


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  • The first of which was announced this week as we released information on our partnership with https://zeeve.io — Traction

What is the purpose of Dcomm

The World Economic Forum reports that blockchain has received incredible hype regarding its potential to create wide-reaching impact. Proponents project that is could account for as much as 10% of global GDP by 2025. (ref: Building Block(chain)s for a Better Planet, September 2018)

  • Tokenisation as a concept
  • Blockchain Technology as a 3rd Generation
  • Unlimited ability to scale
  • Accessibility is key, since this new phase of real-world asset tokenisation will replace old-world traditions.
  • The next generation of crypto will be backed by assets in the real-world
  • Technology will need to evolve to be sustainable and green.

The purpose therefore, of DComm Blockchain, is;

  • The provision of a 3rd Generation Blockchain, able to scale unhindered by congestion whilst maintaining its integrity even under the weight of mass adoption.
  • Provide an inherent layer of accessible services and components that would allow easy and scalable adoption of the platform.
  • Containing the necessary processes and protocols that cater for the complexities of how real-world assets will need to interact with the technology.