DComm: Light, Joy, Happiness, Success and Everything In-between.

Published on
September 23, 2022


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Prologue — Back to the Future.

Chapter 1 — Momentum and Inertia, Powerful Forces.

Chapter 2. — An Idea is Born.

  • DComm is building the robust, integral framework behind establishing the first blockchain to support “Tokenisation of Real-World Assets, Support Systems and Services”.
  • Our vision starts internally, leveraging the extensive experience across the team to provide access to the ownership of renewable energy, data centres, crypto mining, staking, fund management and trading.

🤝 The Offer 🤝

Chapter 3 — No, really, it is that fast!

Chapter 4 — It is Friday after all, so why not?

Chapter 5 — Tick, Tick … Boom!

“DComm: The Blockchain for the Tokenisation of Real-World Assets, built on the latest, cutting edge, web3 inspired backbone of technology.”

The DComm Ambassador 👔

Chapter 6 — And … we are sold out!