How to
launch a testnet

Research &

The management, executive and development teams completed rigorous research to identify technology best suiting DComm’s strategy and objectives.

The assessment looked the technologies ability to deliver:

  • Tokenisation of Real World Assets
  • Scalability to meet forecast demand
  • Low cost of running for both network and community
  • Asset creation, exchange and management of digital assets e.g. NFTs, Smart Contracts, Complex Algorithms
  • Lateral autonomous side chains
  • Ease of community adoption


The shortlisted technologies included:
• Avalanche
• Lisk
• Substrate Models

After a series of technical assessments, readiness, and chain balancing tests, Avalanche was identified as the most suitable technology. In addition, the use of Avalanche will allow DComm to make further improvements in line with our overall strategy.

Development, Design
& Refactoring

Development was undertaken utilising a core team of eighteen people to deliver the blockchain and suite of associated tools. In addition, a full User Experience (UX), User Intferface (UI) and branding exercise was completed.

The key teams include:

  • An eighteen strong Development team, made up of seasoned blockchain experts
  • A technically focused Executive team leading the result driven development
  • An exceptionally talented UX/UI Design team
  • An experienced Branding team


From the start, DComm created and established a Continuous Improvement Team made up of blockchain, software, infrastructure and development experts.


Key areas for continuous improvement include:

  • Security
  • Node Structure, Types and Use Cases
  • Mobility
  • Web Extensions
  • Bespoke services and APIs
  • Throughput
  • Consensus and Hashing


As of 17th September 2022, DComm has:

  • Launched a functional TestNet
  • Launched the development documentation
  • Prepared for Public Launch



 The team delivered the TestNet, incorporating new wallets, explorer, layout, coding and design. Considerable effort has been made to ensure ease of system access and user experience.