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dcomm Ambassador Program

Become part of DComm’s exciting transformation. The DComm Ambassador Program aims to build an empowered community, enabling members around the world to engage, promote, and expand the DComm brand. Our program is designed to bridge both the virtual and physical worlds, allowing ambassadors to create lasting impact and forge a stronger connection within the community.

Why Join dcomm’s Ambassador Program

Competitive Compensation

Receive generous rewards for your dedicated efforts in advancing blockchain adoption.

Networking Prospects

Connect with DComm team members, prominent brand collaborators, and influential figures in the crypto community.

Transparent, Achievable Objectives

Experience clarity with well-defined and measurable goals, eliminating any confusion about expectations.

Acknowledgment & Impact

Become the designated DComm representative in your home country, gaining recognition and influence.

Mentorship & Direction

Access training and mentorship from industry leaders within the blockchain sphere.

Become Insider

Be among the first to learn about DComm’s upcoming features, official releases, and exclusive news.

Lead the Blockchain Revolution as a DComm Ambassador

As an Ambassador, you’re not just a participant, but a trailblazer in the realm of decentralization. Your role is pivotal in shaping how blockchain technology reshapes the real world, fostering a more open, secure, and collaborative landscape. Be the catalyst in this revolutionary journey and drive the change towards a decentralized future with DComm.

What can you do as a DComm Ambassador

Content Creators: Create and share engaging content about DComm, from blog posts, podcasts to infographics, and more!

Community Moderators: Manage our thriving online communities on platforms like Reddit and Discord, ensuring conversations remain fruitful and relevant.

Event Organizers: Organize exciting meetups, webinars, and events that bring our community closer.

Translators: Bridge the language gap and help us reach non-English speaking communities by translating content and discussions.

Process to apply


Fill out the application form detailing your skills, interests, and contribution plans.



The DComm team will select promising candidates after reviewing all applications.


Selected candidates will be trained to excel in their roles.

Ready to make a difference? Become a DComm Ambassador today and start contributing to the decentralization revolution!