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A DComm Ambassador is an exclusive, private status, approved by DComm and provided to those individuals who are verified and authenticated. The Ambassador is an advocate of DComm and is a Validator on the TestNet Chain. With this come a host of benefits and the ability to move into Phase 2 – Referring Validators.

Ambassadors earn DCM Coin (The Native Coin of DComm) during the application process, at a favourable exchange rate of an effective $0.65c USD per DCM. This is the “Capital Balance” An exclusive, limited and collectable NFT will be minted at the NFT launch and transferred to the Ambassador MainNet Wallet. Once appointed, the Ambassador can use the Capital Balance DCM Coin in TestNet and create a TestNet Validator and ALL DCM Coin earned during this process will be awarded as MainNet DCM Coin to the Ambassador Wallet and available from listing launch. The Ambassador will earn a 10% referral reward for each new Validator they submit, that is approved by DComm. The Ambassador also carries weight in Social Media platforms with limited edition badges as well as name tags.

An initial offer is made, where DComm will approve a Capital Balance to be awarded to the Ambassador. This is used as a Validator Stake in the DComm TestNet. The DCM Coin earned from this is kept by the Ambassador. However, the initial Capital Balance will be vested in MainNet Launch, by a 3rd party custodial system. The DCM will be subject to a Six-month cliff (no withdrawals) and an 18-month linear vesting (a proportionate, linear scale release of coins on a month-to-month basis for 18 months) into the Ambassador MainNet Wallet.

Phase 1 is the appointment of Ambassadors, the creation of Social Channels and first phases of awareness. This will run from August 31st, 2022, until the week after The Australian Crypto Convention, or until all Ambassador roles are filled.

Phase 2 is the referral and appointment of DComm Validators, an exclusive, limited roll out of Validator slots available on DComm TestNet. Benefits are similar to the Ambassador.

Phase 3 will be an exclusive “Delegation” roll out to DComm TestNet, to allow those who missed out on Ambassadors and Validators to Delegate their Capital Balance to the DComm TestNet.

Phase 4 will be a once-off application process for those wanting to acquire DCM Coin prior to MainNet Launch.

Phase 1 – $0.65c USD per DCM Coin 

Phase 2 – $0.75c USD per DCM Coin 

Phase 3 – $0.85c USD per DCM Coin 

Phase 4 – $1.00 USD per DCM Coin

Applying is easy, simply click Become an Ambassador and fill out the application form.

Phase 1 is currently open.

Phase 2 is estimated to open 25th September 2022.

Phase 3 is estimated to open 25th October 2022.

Phase 4 will open mid/end Q4 2022.

In addition to the incentives and benefits, DComm is preparing a full suite of marketing and content to be allocated to each Ambassador that they can use across all their own channels. This includes designs, posts, tweets, short videos, whitepapers, infographics and detailed content about DComm.

Becoming a DComm Ambassador is a private approval process with Ambassadors appointed at the sole discretion of DComm.

A KYC process, a Non-Disclosure Agreement and agreement of offer and terms will all need to be signed and approved to become a DComm Ambassador.

All Ambassadors will be assisted by DComm from the 31st August, 2022 to the 25th September 2022 to engage and setup their TestNet Wallets, and Validators.

Yes, the Ambassador will be required to pay a Server Hosting Fee, as outlined by the selected hosting provider. This will be a monthly fee, and the exact amount will be determined by the provider chosen, as well as specifications selected.

DComm, through its partnerships will provide a low cost/at cost model to use systems and keep the monthly fee to an absolute minimum. Costs will be discussed with each Ambassador during the approval process.

DComm Blockchain does not forge blocks without transactions, so there will be no advantage to an Ambassador who is set up earlier than another. A system of transactions will be engaged and “Turned On” so that all Ambassador’s Validators become active together, and the rewards are distributed fairly.

An APY of up to 11% is anticipated, however part of the Ambassador TestNet is the monitoring of this reward allocation.

No, there is no cap, only a cap of 150 Validators in total.

When you are appointed as an Ambassador it will require 2000 DCM Coins to start the Validation process.

Yes, for each application DComm will incentivise up to 3 Validators per person, where the 2nd and 3rd Validators will be made an additional Capital Balance Bonus offer. This will be made in the case where an application has been submitted with a large starting balance to acquire DCM Coin.


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