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Real World Asset

+ Optimised for DeFi


Pioneering blockchain innovation by linking our coin to real-world assets, making it accessible and easy to understand for everyone.


Experience a next-generation blockchain that offers low cost, high-speed transactions, and minimal energy consumption.


Join a vibrant community of blockchain developers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts, all working together to support and grow the DComm ecosystem..

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of converting real-world assets or rights to a digital representation on a blockchain. This process allows for the secure, transparent, and efficient management of these assets in the digital realm.

Asset Management

Manage the tokenized asset through a digital platform, enabling easy tracking, trading, and monitoring of the asset’s performance.

Data Centres

Determine the asset’s value, usually through a professional appraisal, to assign an appropriate price to the digital tokens.

Legal Frame Work

Establish the legal and regulatory framework to ensure the digital tokens accurately represent ownership or rights to the underlying asset, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Asset Selection

Choose the real-world asset to be tokenized, such as property, art, or company shares.

Token Creation

Create digital tokens on a blockchain platform, each representing a fraction of the asset’s value or rights. These tokens can be traded, bought, or sold like any other cryptocurrency.

Token Distribution

Distribute the digital tokens to investors, either through an initial offering (e.g., Initial Coin Offering or Security Token Offering) or through a secondary market, such as a digital asset exchange.


We’re providing advance blockchain technology that provides a fast, secure, and sustainable platform for decentralised collaboration and innovation.

3rd Generation

DComm’s blockchain technology is built on the absolute cutting edge of 3rd generation blockchains.


The future of blockchain is about interoperability, so it should come as no surprise that DComm is an Ethereum Virtual Machine.


DComm blockchian is fast, easy to adopt and specifically designed in a world where speed and efficiency matter.

Low energy

DComm blockchain has an extremely low energy requirement and towards the goal of being carbon neutral.

DComm utility

When other blockchains talk about building an
ecosystem they are only talking about a digital
one. DComm has created an ecosystem which is
supported by physical assets and businesses that support and expand the use of the DCM Coin.

Staking as a Service

Phase 2 of our Modular Data Centre Infrastructure will enable DComm’s community to leverage Staking as a Service. Benefit from existing infrastructure, a team of experts and a wide range of options. All from one dashboard.

Fund Management

Actively managed by seasoned experts, our fund management team will create outcome-specific risk portfolios to take the guesswork out of earning mining and staking rewards.

Trading as a Service

Through leveraging a portion of your mining or staking income, DComm provides entry to “low risk trading” positions. We only win if you win, driving the right behaviour and risk portfolios.

The Synthesis Protocol

By harnessing the power of mother nature, DComm can enable it’s network to be carbon neutral.  DCM holders can access this by owning a portion of this power. Owning this power will increase earnings and help the planet, all rolled into one.

The Road ahead

Sep 22
Sep 22

Melbourne TestNet

Phase one: Laying the foundation for a secure and scalable blockchain platform, setting the stage for the future of decentralised collaboration.

Feb 23
Feb 23

Gold Coast TestNet

Phase two: Taking DComm Infrastructure to the next level with enhanced scalability and security, building a more collaborative and sustainable future.

Feb 23
Feb 23

MainNet Launch

The official launch of the DComm MainNet, marking the beginning of a new era for the network.

Feb 23
Feb 23

DComm Valhalla Hackathon

A hackathon event focused on improving the DComm network and its capabilities.


DComm Valhalla Hackathon Judging

The judging process for the hackathon, selecting the most innovative and impactful projects.


Tokenomics Announcement

The official announcement of the tokenomics for the DComm network, including details on token distribution and usage.


Transparent Wallet Page

A page on the DComm website dedicated to providing a transparent view of wallet transactions.


DComm Mobile Wallet

A mobile app that allows users to access and manage their DComm assets on the go.


MainNet Explorer

A tool that allows users to explore the DComm MainNet, including transaction history and token distribution.


Developer Documentation Release

The release of comprehensive documentation for developers, providing them with the resources they need to build on the DComm network.


D-Fenders Open

The opening of the D-Fenders program, which provides users with the opportunity to secure and defend their assets on the DComm network.


Token Sale Platform (Fast Track to D-Fenders)

A fast-track program for users to purchase tokens and join the D-Fenders program.


Wallet Holder Competition

A competition for DComm wallet holders, offering rewards and incentives for participating in the network.


D-Vest Announcement

The official announcement of the D-Vest program, providing users with the opportunity to invest in the development of the DComm network.


D-Fenders Launch

The start date for the D-Fenders program, marking the beginning of a new era for the DComm network security.


DComm Multi-Currency Wallet

A wallet that allows users to manage multiple currencies and assets in a single, secure location.


Vesting Announcement

The announcement of the vesting schedule for DComm tokens, providing transparency and stability for investors.


Listing Announcement

The announcement of the DComm token being listed on major exchanges, providing liquidity and accessibility to a wider audience.